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Liguria is a favorite among motorcyclists

Every motorcyclist dreams of cutting loose on hairpin bends, uphills and downhills, twists and a variety of panoramas and landscapes.
The region of Liguria is a favorite among motorcyclists: the 310 kilometer stretch of the Aurelia is a strip of pure pleasure which winds its way from Bocca di Magra to Ventimiglia.
From the Maritime Alps and the Apennines all the way to the craggy shores overlooking the sea, there a countless possibilities,

as well as a variety of scenic glimpses and the detours of the Valle Argentina, the Val Trebbia and many others.
When visiting Deiva you cannot miss out on the chance to squeeze through the streets of Passo del Bracco, located 615 meters above sea level. It is a natural link with the area of La Spezia and the Golgo del Tigullio, a must for motorcycle enthusiasts, the very same who love to race over the Cisa all the way to Parma and Piacenza.